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Hashing Out The Egg

Candy Review

As you can see, I thought it was time to take a pause from the rapid succession of Russell Stover chocolate eggs. Oh, I still have at least a couple to review, but it's time for the pitcher to throw a few changeups or curveballs instead of a constant barrage of fastballs.

Or as John Cleese has said on more than one occasion, "And now, for something completely different."

I regularly see the Heavenly Hash Egg from Elmer Chocolate every Easter, and I've bought more than a few. I just discovered the Elmer Chocolate website, though, and it leaves me a little disappointed. I learned that Elmer makes several different chocolate Easter eggs, but it appears that only the Heavenly Hash Eggs make their way to Louisville. At least I don't recall seeing any of the other eggs at Walgreens or Rite Aid.

The Heavenly Hash Egg is about a third larger than the Russell Stover eggs I have been recently reviewing. The wrapper describes it as "Rich Milk Chocolate, Fluffy Marshmallow, And Roasted Almonds."

The milk chocolate on the outside has a richer flavor than say, Hershey's milk chocolate. Of course, by now I'm realizing that just about every other candy maker's milk chocolate is richer than Hershey's. I could make an argument for calling Hershey the least common denominator of milk chocolate, but I think that is a topic for another time.

The Elmer chocolate is probably on the same level as Russell Stover's milk chocolate, in terms of the richness of the chocolate. I can detect slight differences in flavor; for instance, that mystery hint of flavor in the background of Russell Stover's chocolate isn't in Elmer's chocolate. But Elmer's chocolate has the same (or at least similar) degree of richness, which leads me to believe that the two chocolates probably have similar amounts of cocoa solids.

The marshmallow is similar to the marshmallow in other chocolate eggs I've encountered. In other words, it's a little spongier than the marshmallows you buy at the supermarket. This particular marshmallow also seems to be just a little sweeter than both the marshmallows from the supermarket and the marshmallow in other chocolate eggs.

Besides the chocolate and marshmallow, the Heavenly Hash Egg contains whole almonds. The only problem is, there is just not that many of them. There might be three or four of them in an egg at most, and there is plenty of room for more. The almonds seem to be dropped in the marshmallow without a particular regard for anything resembling a regular pattern.

Taken alone, the marshmallow in the Heavenly Hash Egg would come close to being a massive sugar buzz. The flavor of the chocolate takes a little bit of the edge off. So do the nuts, for that matter. If there is any good point in the paucity of almonds in the Heavenly Hash Egg, it's that you can taste the nuts in the candy on the rare occasions you encounter them. Although I strongly suspect that the main reason you can taste the almonds is because the marshmallow is so sweet that it makes the almonds so noticeable by comparison.

This is another holiday release, so the usual holiday disclaimer applies. These will be gone soon after Easter, so grab them while you can.

(And now that I know that Elmer produces more than just this one egg for Easter, I'm hoping that I can find a way to score some of the others in 2012.)

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