Johnny Carruthers (chocolatescifi) wrote,
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Last Egg Review Of The Season

Candy Review

I think this is going to be the last Russell Stover Egg I review this year. After all, I will need to have something to review in 2012, won't I? I don't think I'll be stopping by Walgreens or Rite Aid before Easter, so there's a good chance that I won't be finding anything I haven't reviewed among the remainders on Monday. So today, I'm reviewing the Coconut Cream Egg.

The Coconut Cream Egg is dark chocolate, covering a coconut cream filling. (I know I'm stating the obvious, but sometimes it's necessary.) After my review of the Raspberry Whip Egg, I took a moment to see what sort of aroma might be greeting my olfactory receptors this time when I opened the wrapper. The aroma of chocolate -- yes. The aroma of coconut -- unfortunately, not so much.

The coconut cream filling bears some similarity to a nougat. It is light and fluffy, but it also contains bits of real coconut in it as well. The coconut gives the filling an interesting bit of texture, and it may make the filling a little more dense, a little more solid. Unlike some of the other fillings, the coconut filling gives the appearance of being able to stand up on its own if the chocolate weren't present.

The coconut and dark chocolate flavors balance each other quite well. The deeper flavor of the dark chocolate keeps the sweet flavor of the coconut filling from being too sweet. This also makes the chocolate the flavor that stays on your tastebuds longer, although while the two flavors are present, neither one is dominant.

And as I have said many, many times before, the usual holiday disclaimer applies. The Easter Bunny's annual visit is fast approaching, and once he has delivered his bounty of eggs, candy, and other stuff, these will disappear for several months. They will be back, of course, sometime in late February 2012.

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