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Mousse And Bunny

Candy Review

Okay, Easter may be over, but the reviews may be going on a while. Contrary to what I thought a few days ago, I did find a few things for review when I checked the stores on Monday. I discovered a particular treasure trove at Walgreens, but that's a subject for another entry.

I actually picked these up at Kroger the day before Easter. They weren't discounted yet, of course, but Kroger had them as one of their "10 for $10" specials. It was as good a reason as any to pick up a package.

Strictly speaking, the Chocolate Mousse Bunnies aren't chocolate. There's no cocoa butter in them; only cocoa. (All marshmallows are fat-free. Any fat -- including cocoa butter -- would collapse the whipped egg whites.) They are a light brown color, covered with a sanding of granulated sugar, and decorated with three little dots meant to represent the eyes and nose. There were eight Bunnies in the package I bought, in two sets of four connected Bunnies.

The initial taste that hits your tastebuds is that of the sugar crust. There is no specific flavor there; just an overwhelming sweet sensation. But that eventually fades away, and you can notice the flavor of the marshmallow itself. The chocolate flavor of the marshmallow isn't a strong one; it's a more delicate flavor, but it is noticeable. Eventually. Once you get past that initial sugar buzz. (I'm guessing that most kids won't care about the subtleties in flavor, and that most parents will be more concerned with keeping those kids from bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and any other bounce-producing surface.)

Since Easter is over, it's probably not likely that you can find the Chocolate Mousse Bunnies this year. Not unless you’re extremely lucky, anyway. But Just Born has been producing this particular version of their marshmallow Bunnies for a few years now, so it is popular enough that I feel safe enough to say that you'll see them again next year.

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