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A Lovely Bunch Of Twix

Candy Bar Review

I think I first read about this limited edition on Candy Blog back in February. At the time, it was still an upcoming release (Cybele had received some advance samples), and I filed the information away under "keep an eye out for these."

It was last month that Twix announced on their Facebook page that the Twix Coconut had been released. For at least the past two or three weeks, I had been looking at all of my usual outlets, but the Twix Coconut was noticeably conspicuous by its absence. I was beginning to think that Louisville would be the last area where the Twix Coconut would be released.

Then this past Monday, I walked into Speedway, and I finally saw the Twix Coconut on one of the displays. Considering that the manager was busy stocking the display with other confectionary products, I was guessing that she had just put the Twix Coconut in place a few minutes earlier. (This was something that the manager confirmed when I asked her about it.) Needless to say, I quickly grabbed a couple of bars for review purposes. (And I have started seeing them elsewhere. Slowly but surely, they are starting to appear on the shelves. Emphasis on the slowly.)

At first glance, this particular Twix variation is not that dissimilar to the original. A vanilla cookie, topped with caramel, and covered in milk chocolate. The variation in this case is that the caramel is coconut flavored. No actual coconut, though; just the flavor.

When I opened the package, the faint aroma I encountered was primarily chocolate. There was a slight bit of a coconut scent, but not much.

I had seen a few other online reviews of the Twix Coconut before I finally found the bars on sale, and two descriptions stood out in my mind. These were comparisons to both German chocolate cake and Samoas -- the Girl Scout cookies -- and I saw both more than once.

The coconut flavor of the caramel is very pronounced. It reminds me a little of the Snickers variation that M&M/Mars produced as tie-in with Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, although the coconut-flavored caramel in the Twix did not have the spice (whatever that spice may have been) flavor that the Snickers did. In fact, I would say that the coconut flavor in the caramel is probably the dominant flavor in this candy bar.

After finally trying a Twix Coconut, I have to say that both comparisons made in those other reviews are fair ones, particularly the comparison to Samoas. It's probably because of the cookie base of the Twix bar; it more closely resembles the crunch of the Girl Scout cookie than the softer texture of a German chocolate cake.

As I just stated, the coconut flavor in the caramel is the dominant one in the Twix Coconut bar. It does not, however, push the other flavors out of the way. It blends well with the flavor of the milk chocolate. Even the vanilla flavor of the cookie can be detected, albeit somewhere in the background. But as is the case with most of the Twix bars, the flavor of the cookie is almost always somewhere in the background.

As I noted at the beginning, this is a limited edition, and as always, the standard disclaimer for limited editions apply. Given that it is just hitting the shelves (at least in my area), it should be around for at least a couple of months. What happens after that is anyone's guess.

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