Johnny Carruthers (chocolatescifi) wrote,
Johnny Carruthers

More Signs Of The (Upcoming) Season

As I said last time, I was caught a little off-guard when I saw Staples setting up their display of back-to-school backpacks several days before the summer solstice. I didn't think I would be seeing anything of that nature anywhere until sometime this week. But when I went by Office Depot a day or so later, I seem to remember seeing the beginnings of their back-to-school displays as well. (Kind of hard to tell with an office supply store, you know?) Again, well before Independence Day, which I came to regard as the start of the back-to-school season.

Well, Independence Day has come and gone. And today, I saw the first sign of another store getting ready to push notebooks, pencils, and the like. I was in Target, and as I walked past the section they reserve for seasonal displays, I discerned that it was rapidly being filled with various school supplies. I haven't been by Wal-Mart recently, but I would not be too surprised that they were engaged in similar activity.

I haven't seen any sign of back-to-school merchandise at Walgreens yet. What surprised me, though, was something that I did see earlier this week. It might have been Independence Day, or perhaps the day before -- the holiday weekend is playing with my perception just a little. In any event, whether it was Sunday or Monday, I walked into one of the local Walgreens, and I had my first sighting of Halloween candy.

Brach's candy corn, to be specific. And now that I think about it, I'm pretty certain it was Sunday.

I must admit, this was more than a little startling. Seeing Halloween candy side by side with school supplies isn't particularly unusual; particularly as the school year is beginning, and the stores are transitioning the seasonal areas from back-to-school to Halloween. But seeing the first sign of Halloween candy before that store has even thought about putting out the school supplies? That's more than a little unusual.

Something is telling me that this Candy Season may be just a little on the strange side.

Or maybe even more than just a little.

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