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Candy Bar Review

Hershey's newest candy bar is not really something new. I first encountered aerated chocolate back in 2006, when I reviewed Nestle's Aero Caramel (an import from England). This may be, though, to the best of my knowledge, the first time an aerated chocolate bar has been marketed here in the US.

The chocolate itself is the same milk chocolate you find in the standard Hershey bar. This was determined with a simple side-by-side taste comparison of the two. Trust me, it's the same thing.

The Air Delight bar is a shell of solid milk chocolate containing the aerated milk chocolate. Presumably, the solid outer shell serves to give the bar a more uniform appearance. Especially since the "Hershey's" name is molded into the top of each of the bar's six segments.

Pumping air into the chocolate hasn't altered the flavor any. As I said, it's still Hershey's milk chocolate -- however you want to take that. There is, however, a slight alteration in the texture. The Air Delight doesn't have as sharp a snap to it when you break off a section. Or when you bite into a piece, for that matter. For lack of a better term, it feels a bit softer.

This is not the only new product that Hershey's has recently introduced under the Air Delight name. They are also now selling an Air Delight version of Hershey's Kisses. I'll probably give them a try eventually, but I rather suspect that the Air Delight Kisses will be very similar to the Air Delight bar.

Now, what would really interest me would be a Special Dark Air Delight bar.

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