Johnny Carruthers (chocolatescifi) wrote,
Johnny Carruthers

Is A Sour Grapes Truffle Next?

Earlier this afternoon, I found myself at Mall St. Matthews. Specifically, I went by the Godiva store to pick up my monthly freebie. I spent the usual few minutes trying to decide what to get before finally settling on the Banana Split Truffle. This is one of the Ice Cream Parlor Truffles that they are featuring during the summer months.

As usual, I will turn to Godiva's chocolate menu for the description. They describe the Banana Split Truffle as "Banana cream and strawberry mousse in milk chocolate, topped with pecan pieces."

The particular truffle that I got had a scant dusting of pecan pieces. I think this just happened to be the luck of the draw; I did notice that some of the other Banana Split Truffles in the display case were topped with more pecan pieces. The pieces were easily flicked off the truffle, and I nibbled on them before starting on the truffle in earnest.

The milk chocolate shell on this truffle seems to have been slightly thicker than the shells on some of the other truffles I have sampled. As always, the milk chocolate was creamy and rich. I suppose "decadently creamy and rich" would be a good description to use (if I haven't used it before).

As luck of the draw would have it, the first of the two fillings I encountered when I bit into the truffle was the banana cream. From the way it tasted, I'm guessing that real live bananas (or formerly real live bananas) were used in the making of the banana cream. It had a pale yellow color, and quite frankly, I would have expected more of a white color to it. The banana cream was the softer of the two fillings.

Th strawberry mousse was a pale pink color. Like the banana cream, it tasted like it had been made with genuine strawberries. The flavors of the two fillings blended together quite well, both with each other, and that of the milk chocolate.

The truffle was enjoyable, although I don't know if I would have put both fillings in one truffle. I think I would have gone with just the banana cream filling as a solo act, but of course that is a judgement call on my part.

And once again, I have probably squeezed as much analysis out of one truffle as I possibly can.

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