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A Chocoholic UnAnonymous

Seductions From The Chocolate Side Of The Force

Johnny Carruthers
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Hello, and welcome to A Chocoholic UnAnonymous.

My name is Johnny Carruthers, and I am the aforementioned chocoholic.

I have been writing reviews of candy bars and other confectionary goodies for quite a few years. I was already writing articles for a couple of science fiction fanzines (that's where the "scifi" part of my username comes in), when, in a fit of whimsy, I decided to write a review of a candy bar. My editors liked the idea, and they printed it, so I wrote more.

A few years ago, though, I had this epiphany. I realized that I had more reviews that I wanted to write than could ever be used in print, even if my editors ran an issue of nothing but my reviews. And I knew that was more than a little unlikely.

Since I didn't have the inclination to publish my own fanzine (for one thing, I didn't think I could do a decent fanzine on a regular basis), I turned to the Internet. That's where A Chocoholic UnAnonymous comes in, both the original version here on LiveJournal, and the mirror site I established on Xanga a little more recently.

I'm still in the process of copying entries from here to the mirror site. I'm doing it slowly, because I want my readers on Xanga to get every possible chance to read and comment on my archives. Eventually, though, my goal is to post new entries to both sites simulataneously.

Once again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy. And if you do enjoy, please leave comments. Lots and lots of comments, thank you very much. It's probably the easiest way I can really tell if someone is reading what I am writing.